General Construction Experience

Cross Land Construction is a Grade - I General Contractor which is stablished on September 1998 E.C/2005G.C. with an initial capital of 2,000,000.00. Our company is located at Nifas Silk Lafto S/S. Woreda 05, House No. 1011 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the establishment of the firm in 1998 E.C/2005G.C till now, with in the last 16 years, our company has been engaged in different types of construction works such as Road Construction Projects, Irrigation and Drainage Projects, Storm Water Drainage projects, Water Supply Projects and AirField Projects etc, from that on wards the company has executed different civil construction projects throughout the country having different magnitude and natures. Likewise, through the last 18 years of working experience the company has been with a sustainable growth with great achievements upgrading from GC-6 at its establishment to GC-1 /General Contractor Grade 1/ at its current stage. Our Company has owned considerable 151 fleets of resources such as heavy and auxiliary machinery, trucks, and vehicles. Our Company has also created job opportunity for 371 permanent and 782 temporary employees and for a total of 1153 employees.