Company General Information

Among many of our businesses of 7 stars group some of them are mentioned hereunder: -
  • Mining (Gold, Coal & Marble)
  • Foreign Beef & livestock Export
  • Tsion Real state
  • Schools
  • Construction of Roads
  • Construction of Irrigation
  • Construction of water Supply
  • Construction of Buildings,


  • To become a number one and leading construction Firm Nationally and Internationally.


  • To become the customers' most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and timely completed value added projects


  • To be ethical and professional contractor Provision of efficient, effective and fair construction services for best satisfaction of your customers. Efficient and effective utilization of our resources. Creating unlimited job opportunities


We use a collaborative effort to achieve our common goal in the most effective and efficient way.


Our company recognizes the importance of thinking outside the box, taking risks, and pushing boundaries to achieve success.


We stand strong to our claims in the import, assemble and supply of high qualityproducts to our customerssatisfaction.


We at 7 Stars are dedicated and loyal to our organization goals, mission, and values.


treating co-workers and leaders courteously and fairly, We value their beliefs, contributions, and ideas

Saving Management

We identify and achieve short and long-term financial goals

Our Previous and Current Clients